Mold Testing Facility

Our Facility

Ideally located in Windsor, Ontario, minutes from both the Ambassador Bridge as well as Highway 401, Injection Technologies offers 16 injection molding machines within its main facility where customers can concurrently manage multiple mold trials.

An additional 15,000 sq ft of nearby warehousing is utilized to support storage needs of raw materials and finished product.

The company’s molding machines were all sourced with a focus of flexibility to support as many tools as possible and to facilitate quick mold changeovers.  Presses are all fitted with: hot runner controllers with SVG manifolds, thermolators (regular and high heat), and dryers.

Injection Technologies has 8 cranes ranging from 10 ton to 50 tons capacity, as well as a loading dock and multiple overhead doors.

The facility also offers private offices and multiple full sized conference rooms for its customers to utilize during mold trials.  In addition, the building is outfitted with fiber optic internet and a complimentary customer lounge.

With our customers in mind, we offer:

  • An 1800 Ton 3 shot with a piggy back + side injection configuration.
  • Robotic part extraction to further replicate the production process and validate end of tooling.
  • A second barrel add on to our 2200 ton to simulate two shot molding.
  • A 450 ton with a 5 oz shot to support light pipe and other small part trials.
  • A 550 ton with an 18 oz shot to support PC, ABS and Nylon parts.
  • Gas assist and gas counter pressure.
  • An afternoon shift leader with 30 years of experience and a second operator on afternoons as well to allow customers to have the flexibility to troubleshoot and run quantities late into the evening. Customers are able to start try outs up until 10:00 pm.
  • Arriving shortly an 1800 ton 4 shot with 3 parallel barrels + side injection.