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Injection Technologies, which first opened in 1990 was the area’s “original” mold testing facility. Injection Technologies is a specialty plastic molding company focusing on mold trials and short run injection molded components, across various industries, in accordance with customer requirements.

In its 48,000 sq. ft. facility, Injection Technologies operates 16 injection molding presses with capacity ranging from 125 tons up to 3500 tons, while an additional 15,000 sq ft. in offsite warehousing enables the company to house large quantities of resin, parts and packaging.

As part designs have become more complex and design tolerances have tightened in recent years, injection mold manufacturers have experienced increasing requirements for testing and certifying new and refurbished molds.

Injection Technologies Inc has specially purposed, injection molding equipment which allows mold manufacturers to efficiently set up and produce test parts while varying all critical injection molding parameters.   Injection Technologies’ equipment is set up so that future mold tests can be repeated using identical control parameters on subsequent tests.  This helps mold manufacturers reduce the number of tests and the time required to perfect mold performance.  In addition, customers are provided with process data so that these parameters may be repeated in their own facility.

Injection Technologies Inc. prides itself in being a customer service driven organization. This has led to our company’s consistent reinvestment in updating its machinery and auxiliary equipment. However, our greatest strength as a company is our staff that is focused on ensuring that all of our customers’ needs are a priority and that every tryout is processed with the highest of standards. Our leaders each have over 20 years of processing experience with our operators averaging 15 years in injection molding. Injection Technologies is also proud to announce its certification in ISO 9001:2015. These qualities and more will ensure our company’s success in obtaining its goal to “efficiently produce the best part possible.”